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About Chapter 7

To qualify for debt relief through a Chapter 7 you must qualify under the means test, obtain credit counseling and complete a debtor education course.

This barrier was put into place to reserve Chapter 7 for those who are truly in need of powerful debt relief.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a good choice for those who have little or no property except for basic necessities such as furniture or clothing; very little money left after paying basic monthly expenses.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is suitable for people looking to discharge unsecured debts and clear their financial debts clean and make a fresh start. This is a quick court process that can give you freedom from debts such as; payday loans, credit card bills, medical bills and personal loans. This process can be completed in a few short months with the right eligibility.

This type of bankruptcy is sometimes referred to as “liquidation” because the trustee that is appointed to your case has the option to sell or liquidate any or all non-exempt assets to assist in repaying creditors. Often times people who file for Chapter 7 do not have any non-exempt assets and are able to keep all of their property.